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There are always opportunities for single projects needed for the upkeep of the homes. If you have the time, tools, and talent, we would gladly welcome the support. A big group does not need to be organized. Just you and your willingness!
  • Raking of leaves - Women's Veteran Home needs leaves raked/blown and gathered. 

  • Roof Repair - men's transitional home

  • Power Wash House - Women's Transitional Home

  • Furniture Pick up - We have furniture that has been donated to us - if we can pick up. We have veterans in need. Furniture to be picked up and delivered to veteran home. Need a truck and muscle!

  • Curtains - Women's Transitional home needs curtains donated and hung in 3 bedrooms.



There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time.

Info on our latest event:

On March 20, 2021 Operation Rehabilitation, along with community partners, served approximately 75 homeless individuals in the city of Spartanburg. We had our first Day of Giving, where we distributed blessings bags, gifts for women only, clothes, blankets, coats, facemasks for safety, and hygiene items. We even served Chick Fil A breakfast (huge shout out to Green Papaya Salon for the donation) and bagged lunches (huge shout out to FirstRock Church). 

what was special about that day:

"There were three separate incidents that stood out to me on our Day of Giving. First, I want to thank the community. Since the opening of our Women's Veteran Transitional Home for homeless female veterans, we have seen an outcry in the community of people wanting to help. This sparked our Day of Giving. The community came together, collected donations, and we were able to serve so many homeless persons. Which leads to the second tremendous acts. We set out to serve 50 homeless individuals. All of us had quantities of 50 for the breakfast, lunch, and blessing bags. We ran out. But what stood out the most was when people were driving by and witnessed us handing out items, they went and BOUGHT MORE DONATIONS. On the spot, we literally had people bring water, fruit, toiletry items and more clothes to hand out. We were AMAZED at all the wonderful nameless citizens in our community. Lastly, nothing was more impacting that the appreciation of those we were serving. You could see on the their faces and hear their songs of gratitude. The best was a homeless male named Roy. He lives under the bridge a block away. His shoes had holes in them when he came to us. He got a few items and went on his way. An hour later he came back full of joy, dancing in circles (literally) and showing off his new shoes. He hugged everyone in tears. We were all in tears. He said that he hadn't had shoes that fit in over 3 years. To me, that was the most outstanding part of the day. We were able to witness the good work of coming together and serving the community. And honestly, I believe, our hearts were the most impacted."  -Travelle Moseley

thank you to all of our sponsors that made this event a success!

Gifts for Homeless Women, Blankets, Ponchos

Alyson Berry

Green Papaya Salon

50 Bagged Lunches

FirstRock Church

Chicken Biscuits for Breakfast

Chick Fil A

Spartanburg, SC

50 Blessing Bags (toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, body wash)

Peggy Morgan

Sisters in Christ Ministry

Southport Church in Roebuck

Facemasks for every homeless person

Travelle Moseley


Operation Rehabilitation

Let's continue to make history together and impact our community. Operation Rehabilitation is the first to provide a transitional home for women veterans in the entire state of South Carolina. Together we can continue to serve our veterans, homeless population, and our underserved homeless female veterans.

Please contact Travelle Moseley, President of Operation Rehabilitation, at 864-564-3943 or for Volunteerism, Support, or any other information needed.


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Here are our most recent events in the community. We hope that you will support one of our events to foster growth and togetherness in the community!
  • Sat, 20 Mar
    450 W Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29301, USA
    20 Mar 2021, 10:00 am
    450 W Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29301, USA
    Join Operation Rehabilitation as we give to our homeless community in Spartanburg.
  • Tue, 26 Jan
    442 St Andrews St
    26 Jan 2021, 11:00 am
    442 St Andrews St, 442 St Andrews St, Spartanburg, SC 29306, USA
    1st Ever Women's Transitional Home for Veterans opening in Spartanburg, SC.


Give Today to Help End Veteran Homelessness!

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