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How to Help Veterans Struggling with Hunger

Operation Rehabilitation aims to provide 1000 meals for Veterans in local community.

Operation Rehabilitation has been very successful in providing homes for homeless Vets in the Upstate. Mission 1000

Do you want to help us feed the homeless in our community? You, your school, church, or business can!

Year 2020 is the year to feed every Veteran in the Upstate. Local business can help by holding food drives, collection days, etc. Since this is our goal for the year, you can start when it is convenient for you. Schools can start in the fall, while a church may want to begin in the beginning of the year. This is an ongoing project and donations of nonperishable can happen anytime throughout the year. Help us hit our quarterly markers so that together we can feed 1000 families in 2020. Contact Us Contact us to join Mission 1000. Email to get started.

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