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Homeless veterans are classified in these categories. Do you fall into one of these?

Literally Homeless

Ex. You (individual or family) are living on the streets or in a public or private place that is not meant for habitation, you are in a shelter or transitional home, or you are in an emergency/temporary placement.

Homeless (under Federal Statues)

Ex. You (25 years or younger or a whole family) have not had a permanent residence (a lease or home ownership) for 60 days, have persistent homelessness prior to the 60 days, and can be expected to continue in such status for an extended period of time without our assistance. This includes "couch surfing" where one does not have a permanent residence of his/her own, but living with friends/relatives, and /or bouncing around from place to place.

Imminent Risk of Homeless

Ex. You (Individual or family) who will imminently lose their primary nighttime residence within 14 days, and no subsequent residence has been identified, and you lack the resource or support needed to obtain other permanent housing.

If you fit into any of the categories, WE CAN HELP! Operation Rehabilitation assists all forms of homelessness for veterans and their families. Here is what we do:

  • Provide a home for you the begin the ending of being homeless.

  • While you are in our program, we provide case management services that will teach you how to live a successful life on independence. Case work may include job placement, training in life skills, financial literacy and budgeting, and other social services.

  • We start a savings program for you while you are in the home.

  • We assist you with job placement opportunities while you are in the home (if needed) and permanent house search once you are leaving the program.

  • Once you graduate the program and are ready to leave the home, we partner with other community organizations for you to acquire your own home!

  • You enter our program because you identified as homeless. But you leave our program with all the tools in place in order to live a self - sustaining life.


You, your church group, business, sorority/fraternity, school, neighborhood association or anyone you know can volunteer at one of our Rehab Days.


Consider raising funds for a donation to Operation Rehabilitation. We can assist your school, church group, or business office raise funds to go strictly to Veterans needs.

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