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Transitional home for women veterans now open in Spartanburg

SPARTANBURG, SC (FOX Carolina) - Monday, February 1, 2021 was the official open date for a women veterans transitional home in Spartanburg.

“There’s nothing in the Upstate at all for women veterans who are facing homelessness,” said Travelle Moseley of Operation Rehabilitation.

The organization’s top priority is to helping veterans. The home offers space for women, and a chance to thrive in life through education and case management.

“And when they’re ready, we help them transition into a permanent home. So, we partner them with the Spartanburg Housing Authority, some other private people in the Spartanburg area,” Moseley said.

As the shocking number of homeless women continues to grow, it leaves some of society’s most vulnerable to fend for themselves.

“And not a growing number of help, aid, or even housing opportunities for these women,” she said.

The idea for a women veterans home is roughly two years in the making. However, even through a pandemic, it became a reality. One met with challenges because the project essentially was self funded because everything going on globally.

“I decided to purchase this home myself out of my own funds under the name of Operation Rehabilitation,” Moseley said.

And the purchase can lead to lasting changes. Moseley said homeless woman become greater targets of issues like domestic violence, drug and alcohol use, unwanted pregnancies, and rape.

Even if it’s only a small number, those lives can change for the better. “I hope the help at least 20 women a year with this,” she said.

The concept for a transitional home isn’t new with Operation Rehabilitation. The organization currently has fourth other home in the Upstate that service men.

“We are really fortunate that we have a hundred percent sustainability rate; where people who have entered our program and graduates from our program, have not returned to homelessness,” said Moseley.

The home has three bedrooms, a basement under renovations the could provide more living space.

It will cost approximately $1,500 a month to operate.

Two women have already been helped to find permanent housing as of Monday afternoon. Therefore, two openings are available.

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